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Baby's First Adventure

Baby's First Adventure

2 mins

A baby is curious to know what mum and dad are doing. So, she goes inside the kitchen unprepared for a big surprise. 

Mum and dad are constantly giggling hiding something behind them.

The baby walks away but quickly peeks back in. 

“Do you think we should show her?” asks dad.

“Let her find out on her own. She does know how to read. We have put a clue in the house.” said Mum.

The baby accidentally stepped on one, it read:

Clue 1:
The thing that you are looking for, maybe 2 steps more or at the door.
P.S: This is the only clue we have for you.

The baby walked to every door in the house and starts searching. Very soon, there was a giant box near the door and some stairs for her to climb on to reach the top. She opened it and...


The box burst open with a lot of softballs stuffed inside. 

Once the baby took the balls out, she saw a frame covered in a gift wrapper. 

Mum asks whether she should help her unwrap it. 

The baby said she will open by herself.

She sat on the floor and carefully unwrapped the gift.

She saw the first-ever frame with mum and dad's hands shaped like heart wrapped around her feet which is a sign of happily welcoming her to the family. This picture was taken right after she was born. 

The baby ran towards her parents with tears of joy rolling on her cheeks and gave them a tight hug.

She also had her first baby detective adventure.

She will never forget this day and neither will her parents.

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