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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Attraction Of Alcohol...

Attraction Of Alcohol...

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We are bound to get attracted towards alcohol due to the atmosphere , surrounding . The surrounding is being created by our own people only. Even we all are well aware how much harmful alcohol is and it's attraction may lead to the death also but still we don't have control over our mind and body we tend to do those things which are more harmful and dangerous to our health which may cause even death of person due to over drinks and due to this the family has to suffer a lot which no one can imagine.

Suresh was a Manager of SBI Bank for 5 years. He was a very good knowledge about his field and a stable person. He was having one daughter and one son. He was living with his children wife and parents in Mumbai. He use to do ups and downs from the local train . He use to came on time. Due to his profession he was having contact with many people. And also many of his friends were living in Mumbai only due to that they use to visit his house sometime Suresh and his family use to go due to that a strong communication and bonding was there.

As Suresh was a Manager of the Bank sometimes he use to have pressure of his work. His wife and his parents came to know about it my noticing that he is getting angry on every small small things he shouted his children sometimes he came late which had never happened before. His wife tried a lot to speak with him but it was of no use. Seeing all these things she told everything to his friends so that they can talk to them and pressure of Suresh might be reduced.

One day, it was Saturday Suresh was having holiday one of his friend called him and told him to came to his house lets have a cup of tea together today there is no one at home. Even Suresh got ready for it. He went to his friends house it was near by only. When he reached there already his all friends also reached over there. So they started talking about there work and Suresh told them about his presence with that one of his friend offered him a drink. Suresh was not ready to take but all his friends force him to take once after that they all went back to there home. Suresh came and went on sleep without saying anything even her wife then ask him she let him slept but Suresh started drinking everyday. He use to drink and return home late. Due to this dispute among the family members started but his drinking was continued it didn't effect it but this drink has a bad effects on Suresh health.

Later on her wife came to know that his friends had forced him to take the drink and from that day Suresh has started drinking but it has gone to a stage where he himself even want to stop he will not be able to do so because he got attracted towards it and this has lead to a bad impact on his profession and adverse effects on family...

We should know where to say NO, and even if you are not able to do that it's okay but make a note that it should affect your personal as well as your professional life. Everything has a limit it must be maintained in any way...

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