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An Unknown Boy Prologue

An Unknown Boy Prologue

6 mins

8th March


It was Sunday morning of March. Sun was hidden somewhere behind the clouds. There was a bit of darkness in the absence of the sun. I was working in an IT company as a Software Engineer. But from a couple of days, after reading about 20 novels. My dead passion for writing was back. So, every weekend, I travelled to the city of the garden with pens and notepads. I had off on weekends.


 When I checked my handbag only to find that ink of my pen was almost over. Surviving without pens, notepads, and novels were too difficult for me. Whenever I would go, I would be carrying my handbag which would have a couple of pens, notepads, and at least one unread novel. I had reserved a huge time for visiting public places and observing people and penning down in my notepads.


As I was out of the pen. Without thinking anything, I planned for visiting a mall for shopping for a pen. It might sound weird but that was how I was. I was very selective about brands of accessories for writing. Here brand mattered for me. Since I started writing, I used 'Luxar' pen. I didn't feel like using another pen than this.


I took a shower and quickly got ready. I wore my watch and glanced at it. It was 9.00 am. When I was stepping out from home and was wearing shoes. I heard my mom's voice.


 "Who will have breakfast? " My mom said sarcastically. I couldn't answer her. So, I had a bit of Poha, even though I wasn't hungry at all. I did so only to see a smile on my mom's face. 


 No matter, how much we grow up, the love of mothers will remain the same. Same scolding for not having breakfast, not coming home on time. 


 When I was done with breakfast.

  "Mom, I am going to see my friend" I lied


 To avoid unnecessary questions. She didn't like that I roam around in public places without any reason. Well, I had my sweet reason but that I couldn't just explain her.


 "Okay, make sure you return before lunch" She said, and was serious. Luckily, she didn't ask anything further. Otherwise, she would have shouted for going mall just shopping for pens, just like that.


I took my leave from my mom and went to the bus stop. I boarded the very first bus. Mall was a good half an hour driveway from my home. That day there was no much traffic, so I reached before than half an hour. I got down from the bus and walked to the mall which was only about 200 meters walk from that bus stop. As it was early in the morning of Sunday, there were no many people. The road was almost empty.


In no time, I went inside to mall. Most of the stores in the mall wasn't open yet. But the bookstore was open. I took the elevator to the third floor and went to a bookstore. I bought a couple of pens and notepads and took a deep breath.


 I was hungry. In a couple of minutes, I found myself in front of 'Krishna Veg Restaurants' on the fifth floor of the mall. I ordered a Masala Dosa. It was being prepared, it looked like it was their first order of the day, they opened the shop some minutes before. 


"10 minutes sir”, That guy said.

"Okay, no problem" I replied.


I made myself comfortable on a chair in the sitting area. I kept my handbag on the table. I took a glance at the front side only to find empty chairs. I was sitting middle of the seating area. Then I looked back, I found a guy who was sleeping on a chair. I could see his head on the table, a notebook, some set of papers and a pen in his hand. As he was sleeping, I couldn't see his face.


 This is how toppers look like, studying in public places I thought to myself. I became too busy noticing him, I didn't even hear the waiter was in front of me.


 "Sir, your Masala Dosa" Waiter said loudly.

 I turned. "Oops, Sorry, thank you" I said to the waiter.


 I started having Masala Dosa, the only south Indian meal I love. I focused on my food.

 A little later, I heard someone was shouting. I turned back and I saw that mall's security guy was shouting at that guy.

 "It's not a hotel room, it's not a place to sleep, Pata nahi Kahan Kahan se aa jate hai" Security guy said

 That guy didn't utter a single word. He was cleaning his eyes with his hands and ignoring security's lecture. Security checked his pocket and find out a bottle of alcohol.

 "Bas, yahi Baki reh Gaya tha, yeh club nahi hai. Don't you know? Drinking and smoking are not allowed" Security shouted again.


 I continued looking at him. He was tall about 5.9 feet. He had long uncombed hair and bread. He wore a long loose grey shirt and loose formal trouser of black colour and dirty puma slipper.


 That guy looked scared, he quickly closed his notebook and kept in his bag and started running to the elevator. The security guy runs behind him. I stood up and went to the balcony. I saw him on the ground floor, he was exiting from the mall. In no time, he was out of sight. I went back to my place and looked at the table where he was sitting. I noticed that, down to his table, there were some sets of papers. I went to his table and picked up those sets of papers and kept in my bag. I settled the bill and went outside the mall. 


 I looked around to find out that guy. I wanted to return him his papers. I couldn't find him. I went to my usual tea shop which is right outside of the mall and ordered one tea and sat on the chair. Thought of that guy was floating in my mind. I noticed unusual about that guy. At first, I thought, those papers were some notes. His looks said to me a different story. In no time his papers were in my hand. In first, it had a drawing of a girl and turned to the next page: 


To be continued...

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