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All Mothers Are Special!

All Mothers Are Special!

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Mother is someone who knows you inside out, from the time you were in her womb. It's not just a sentence, its something you will realize someday if not yet.

Sometimes you don't know, what she has gone through, to bring you to this world.

Suman is one of that kind of mother. Suman, had a wonderful college life, topper in our college for all four years of graduation. Something no one can take from Suman was her top class degree. Post graduation, she tried to give interviews for few job titles, but got rejected for few months. Then after sometime of struggle, she got a job, but her parents did not allow her to travel to another city. She had to let down that one too.

After sometime, she kept trying for job in her small town. On the other side, her parents were in search of a good guy to marry her. She also thought she would marry to someone who is in such city, where she can do her job too. She got married to a good, kind, simple man from a metro-city. Her search started again for the job post marriage. She got a good job in a multinational company. Everything was on track. For few years she was very satisfied with her progress.

Then the couple thought of having a child. They prepared themselves for the responsibility. When they were waiting for the good news, but what came their way was just a failure. They went to the doctor, had few tests and realized this would be tough for them. There were complications and the result of those tests says it all. The treatment started and their mental imbalance too. Stress levels increased too. Work life balance was no more a balance. Once you decide to have a kid and all you get is a failure, it is almost like a daily torture to you. Trying to keep yourself away from that thought is almost impossible. Even if you try to, somehow you end up thinking of it.

This went on for few years, which were like hell to anyone going through it. You don't know the reason, you can't question why you! It is like something meant to be. Suman left her job, all she did was trying every possible way of getting pregnant. Be it allopathic treatment, ayurvedic, or anything that anyone would suggest. Her husband was equally stressed with her. He took care of her like a mother takes care of her child. It was crucial time for them.

After almost 7 years of marriage, she got the good news. She could not control herself and cried like a child. The new phase of her life started. She got scared at first few months. Whether she would actually get this time, but in her first sonography, doctor revealed that she is having twins. There were no bounds to the happiness. Next few months were crucial for her, and then she gave birth to Twins. It was a boy and a girl. The couple was very happy, so were their families and friends. After so many years of struggle, she got to this day when she was holding her two kids and then taking care of them.

Suman struggled a lot to have a kid. There are some, who don't have to struggle like her. There are some, who have this blessing but reject it. And then there are some who never get it. There is no reason for, "Why me?"

Keep loving your mother.

She is someone who gave you life. She would hold you, feed you, soothe you when you were very new to this world be it day or night. All your baby years, she kept you safe like a protector. Her priority suddenly is you, once you come in her life. Everything else is secondary. She loves you even when you do not like yourself in your adolescent years. She is there to listen, when you need someone to talk. Whenever you felt your mom was rude to you or harsh on you, you will look back and see, it was for your benefit. She has passed all the valuable life lessons on you and keep doing it, whenever you need it. She is proud of your success, she is there for you when you have hard lessons in your life. She is irreplaceable and someone whom no one can replace in your heart.

You are one of those lucky ones, who have Mother. Many do not have one!

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