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Divya Varma

Abstract Fantasy Inspirational

Acceptance Through Books

Acceptance Through Books

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There was a time when despair ran deep though my veins and loneliness screeched in vain. I looked through every a shred of mine to find a tinge of magic to behold life. Hatred bubbled and boiled for the mere lack of love. I let my thoughts contaminate my mind and manipulate my emotions. I had lost faith in this world and its ways long ago. As a child, I hoped for magic and miracles. Miracle as in to meet a person who would fill my life with a great deal of perception of life and beyond. Magic as in to find a way to dive into a world where thrill, excitement, danger, and most of all love awaits me. 

I wanted to be in someone else's shoes and experience someone else's dread. I wanted to perceive the bond of true friendship. But it is said, "What you truly long is what you never find ." It was true, reality void me of the deepest of my desires. I had lost all my hope but as it is said "When hope is lost, the purpose is found." 

Circumstances changed and magic entered my life through words and abstracts. Words bled through my soul and evaded the miserableness I  had  ever felt. I was gifted with the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. To me, it was the best day of my life and to my longing, it was possibly a beautiful miracle.  

Not only had I found love, but I had also understood how life could be worst to others and how one nasty thought, one nasty emotion, and one wrong decision could make the most beautiful of places crematorial grounds and how  the most beautiful of smiles become forced to mourn for their losses. 

I lived every word of those stories, I laughed with them, I cried for them, I fought with them and most importantly I lived with them. 

Those seven books became an inspiration to me, a constant source of motivation, a place to unfurl my rusty wings, and to hide from reality. I can proudly state that the Harry Potter series thought me more than any teacher could ever teach me...

Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore had become my mentor and the simplest of his words brought great changes in me. I learned from him mostly through his experiences and sometimes through his wise words. 

I learned about those things which were inevitable and I was made to realise the importance of not toying with time. I would be a liar if I told you magical never existed because it does. J. K. Rowling proved that with the force of mind a beautiful memory could evade your darkness and fill your life with warmth. Likewise how the funniest thought could help you master your fears. I learned the importance of love and friendship. I was given a different perspective of somebody else's life and I lived it. I traveled a long journey from an abused child to the boy who lived. I believed and now my greatest strength is that I believe. 

Magic was always in my veins but alas! Ignorance got the better of me. For help, I always look through books and they never cease to surprise me. Reading was the best possible way to teach me that I could get away from aggravating situations.  

The only that that tore my heart was people dying, sometimes it made me stop reading because I knew that next page I read, I would never hear from them. It taught a fifteen-year-old, about how a war could shred families and tear hearts. I have grown to understand not to judge a person by what he is but who he is because the gentlest of hearts are broken beyond repair. I would hence conclude by quoting " The stories we love best do live in us forever so whether you come back by page or by the big screen. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."

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