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saravanan Periannan

Drama Action Classics


saravanan Periannan

Drama Action Classics

Abinaya and team TREE

Abinaya and team TREE

3 mins 249 3 mins 249

Salutes to all forest officers who work hard to conserve the forest,the soil and the wildlife,the birds in that area.

the forest protection squad of mudhumalai goes for a patrol and sees a person who was lying down with broken limb slipping while walking.

They shift him to their quarters and gives him treatment.

and they come to know he is a news reporter who entered the forest secretly.

the forest officer mukund says don't you know this is rainy season in mudhumalai from July to September.

the bull Elephants (meaning adult elephants) will be in musth and they secret temporin from the temporal ducts on the sides of the head.

Thank god you are not caught by that musth elephants.

sir how you know all this? asks reporter.

we are trained in this says officer bala.

They warn him and goes to their respective room.

The reporter leaves to the city safly with the help of forest offciers.

In November,

Forest officer abinaya enters the forest officers quarters in her uniform.

All the officers salute her and she says i am specifically appointed her to protect the tigers in this sanctuary.

she instructs her officers to repair the cctv cameras in the forest.

A group of poachers with the help of a retired forest officer who knows everything about mudumalai enters the forest.

They want to capture an elephant or a tiger.

they stay in the part of the forest where no cctv cameras are there.

Abinaya looks at her daughter's photo and smiles saying "your amma is missing you so much , wishing you should not trouble your father" and smiles with tears falling from her eyes.

the poachers captures a small tiger in a cage and moves into the nearby village.

A tiger roars by following the footprints of some human being and smelling her cub's odour and urine.

the forest officers wears shoes tiil their limb and goes for a patrol.

A person from a village calls saying a ferocious tiger have entered their village.

forest officers in patrol gets informed about this.

They inform the forest officers in head quarters to come with a cage to the village.

the forest officers tranquillise the tiger but sees a group of poachers escaping with a tiger cub in cage.

Abinaya and her team chases them but the poachers use guns and injures forest officers.

the forest officers with less weapons give a tough fight.

the forest officers gives a chase and blocks poachers in a remote part of the forest.

the forest officers use their remaining weapons and injures most of the poachers.

the poachers are arrested.

The injured forest offciers and poachers are send to hospital.

The tigee cub health is also chekced by a veterinary doctor.

Abinaya writes a letter to central government to provide more weapons for the safety of forest officers.

forest offcier abinaya goes to a place and sees only some plants of musli.

She orders her team to check the list of species in this forest in records of forest office mudhumalai.

she learns that some currupt police offciers joined with poachers sold the plants of this forest like musli, umbrella tree,malabar lily and Indian mallow thuthi endangering these species.

she forms a team TREE consisting of forest officers in restoring these plants belong to mudhumalai forests and preserving it.

After 5 years,

abinaya and her team of forest officers are awarded the best forest offciers squad for restoring the endangered plant species by central government.

she requests the central government to fulfill the demands of the forest offciers like 

  1. more weapons and other protection equipments to safeguard themselves.
  2. Better social support and facilities.

wishing the forest officers to get their demands fulfilled.

 Jai hind 

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