A Soirée

A Soirée

4 mins

The mood of the gathering was off. We didn’t come here to bid him, we came to celebrate. The water in my glass was almost over. The food call was certainly miles away as he once said, "You always need a full glass!!". The mother called for attention, ready with the speech.

All of a sudden, my eyes turned around and searched for him desperately. It reminded me of the boring lecture that we once had in college. Though he never spoke much about his problems, he was generally a cheerful and lively person. The games, the arcade, the novels, the stories, the movies… so much I had in my mind, the moments never ended. He would ensure that I never get bored out of my time with him.

The speech had already begun, his mother was in the middle of her speech. She might have mentioned me, as she looked at me smiling, everybody followed her. Those eyes were confusing. I judged the situation quickly and made an affirmative agreement with my expressions. Mentioning about other things, she talked about his behaviour, how she grew him up and moments that bought a smile to every face sitting in the gathering.

The next turn was that of his sister, she was upset that he left her in an early stage and broke down in the middle of her speech. I didn’t know why but I rushed to help her. The gratifying eyes of her mother turned numb seeing me. I had to handle both of them now.

There were people who met him for once also present at the event. There is an incident that I remember of him, he rushed to help a complete stranger, an old man, who had dogs running behind him. The dogs bit him, he was scolded by almost everyone for his act. But, I guess it was his kindness that pulled the old man into the room.

I had prepared a speech myself, don’t know why but I did. Seriousness in the room was just heating up as more memories of him surfaced in my mind as if it was just the other day that I saw him. It seems like yesterday he was talking to me about his dreams and ambitions and he pretty much achieved it all. The big house, the money, the fame which is why some very important people were in the room too.

About now, the air was filled with his memories. The soirée grew more intense and talks about him were coming up one by one. I was surprised, he touched so many lives with just a good heart. I was touched by the humblest gesture of the appearance of those who came by just to bid adieu to him. I was not sure how should I react when I first heard the news. I sat down as the invitation for the soiree reached me. I read it aloud for the first three times before I could understand the writings of the same. My heart suddenly was pumping more blood and in anxiety I closed my eyes as tears almost made their way to the corner of my eyes, ready to flow anytime. I barely had the strength to hold the letter, as in one hand I had a beautiful surprise for him. I was breathing heavy, shocked to hear the news. I went to the kitchen and started drinking water from the glass sip by sip. With every sip the water became heavier, I could barely finish a quarter of the glass. I took my car to his house dressed in clothes that indicated peace.

I was offered a glass of water upon my arrival which I took, next up it was my turn. I had not even seen him since a week, so before I started I wanted to look at him. My hands were held by his mother as the emotions that were boiling inside me came out in the form of tears in silence. I held his mother tightly as I wept. And the wedding ring that I had for him as a surprise fell out of my hands on the floor… I couldn't complete my speech nor could I bid him goodbye. I apologised to him as he always said, “There wouldn't be a funeral for me, but a soiree or perhaps a celebration of a good life!”

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