A Real Princess

A Real Princess

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“Grandma, please tell me a story” pleaded Ria. Her grandma Mrs. Dutta was stroking and patting her to sleep but Lady of Sleep was far off to reach fast and take her to the lands of dreams. Ria’s Granny said “OK I’ll tell you a story but you have to promise that you are going to sleep fast” Ria nodded. Her grandma started “Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Cinderella” Ria interrupted “No Grandma, I don’t wish to hear stories of Cinderella or Snow White. Tell me something different”

Grandma thought for a second then said “Once upon a time a king ruled over a kingdom. The king was very very popular among the masses and the people loved and respected their king very much. Till then the king was a bachelor so the king’s mother requested the courtiers to find a suitable bride for the king and a queen for the country. After an extensive search, they brought news of a princess who lived in the faraway island country. The courtiers praised the beauty of the princess so much that pleased the queen and her son and they readily sent a proposal for marriage. The family of the princess accepted the marriage proposal and on an auspicious day, they got married. The king returned to his country with his new queen. The people of the kingdom were happy to see the new queen and they greeted her with great pomp and show. 

At first, everyone was happy and even the king thought the queen lucky as the prosperity of the country was swelling day by day. But the queen couldn’t be happy. She was chained with numerous rules and regulations which stopped her from doing those she liked to do. She was sad and depressed. Neither the king’s mother nor the king understood what her wish was. They said the queen is in high spirits being the queen of such cheerful people. A year or two went by but the queen couldn’t bore a child who would succeed the throne after the king gets old. Everyone was frustrated with the queen and even whispers could be heard that the king is going to marry again. The queen shed tears in her room and prayed to God for blessing her with a child. God may have granted her wish and she gave birth to a beautiful daughter after ten months.

The king was very happy about receiving the news of the queen’s pregnancy and waited eagerly to hear the birth of a son and so he was sad with the birth news of a daughter. He didn’t even come to see the child. The queen cried but she hugged her child tight and whispered in her ear ‘My sweetheart, your daddy too didn’t come to see you. I’m feeling disheartened now. I didn’t expect this type of behavior from him. I always thought him to be of great heart and a liberal mind. Maybe he is so and couldn’t come to receive you due to some problems. No matter! You are my princess dear if not of the whole world. If they stop themselves from accepting you let them. I’ll make you such a human being whom the whole world will respect. Those relatives who couldn’t understand the bundle of joy they got today will have a high opinion of your self-esteem’ The queen left the kingdom with the baby princess”

Ria interrupted “What happened next Grandma?”

Her grandma smiled and asked “I will tell you the rest. But you try and think what happened afterwards”

Ria tried to think but tiredness ultimately made her fall asleep. In dream, she saw the baby princess whose face matched with her. She was quite surprised. The princess grew older and learnt every art of life. Then she returned to her state with her mother and the people greeted them with great respect.

The next day when Ria woke up she immediately remembered the dream she dreamt the other night. She immediately went to her Granny to say what she dreamt of. Granny said “Go and get refreshed first. After you will have your breakfast I’ll hear about your dream”

After breakfast when Ria said her dream to Granny, she remained silent for a few minutes. The Fairy Tale of the princess wasn’t just a story; it was a real one of her daughter and granddaughter Tanya and Ria. Tanya and Rahul courted for one year before marrying and starting their conjugal life. Tanya worked in a Multinational Company as a finance head. Rahul had an objection to her doing a job and the reason he gave is his family is highly reputed and women from such families don’t work outside. So she left her job her career and stayed back at home. She loved singing but left as her love disliked it. She stopped doing everything that she loved to do. She turned depressed but still didn’t argue with him.

After two years Ria took birth. Rahul always wished for a son so when a daughter took birth he just didn’t want to see her face. This time Tanya didn’t plead Rahul to accept them but came back to her paternal home. Her dad died due to despair and depression. Tanya took a job again and started raising her child in her way. She is out of the city for three days to attend an official meeting. Today she will return. Mrs. Dutta now wishes everything goes well and Rahul returns to take his queen and his princess home. Ria asked, “Granny why did the princess look like me?”

“It’s because you are our princess and you have to grow up to be a unique one like your dream princess”

“Will daddy accept us then?”

Mrs. Dutta never thought Ria understands everything. She looked at her granddaughter for a few seconds then just replied “Yes dear”

Ria thought she will too do everything to be a true princess.

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