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Kaartika Chitturi


A Martian Bedtime Story

A Martian Bedtime Story

2 mins

Once upon a time, there was a planet called Earth. It was a beautiful place. The birds welcomed the morning with a pleasant song, and when the night fell relaxation came at ease. Waves danced on the vast ocean surface and wildlife adorned every inch of the vibrant haven.

However, when humans came to Earth everything began to change. They invented fire, to begin with, and made advancements to light bulbs, fireworks, and nuclear weapons which were used for doing harm more than for doing good.

Soon people started moving away to discover more land and new resources. They created vehicles to carry them around. They invented telephones and eventually smartphones to talk to each other from far away. They mined the ground to find minerals and fuels. They were finding out wondrous things that made their lives easier.

Eventually, the population increased. The trees in the forests were being chopped down to make more land for roads and homes. Alarmed, the birds fled from their homes, in search of a new one. Unfortunately, all the trees around them were being destroyed and they had no shelter because the humans were destroying habitats.

The humans wished for more comfort with grand cars, refrigerators, and so on. The list never ended, which increased the pollution on the earth. The polar bears in the Arctic faced the consequences of excessive heat. The whales and dolphins in the sea died after

being poisoned with toxic waste. It was chaos in the animal kingdom, but the humans were sitting comfortably indoors.

Tall buildings occupied the land where green parks should be and dry wasteland lied were a lively pond used to be. The Earth was slowly becoming a concrete desert where humans cared about nothing but themselves. They failed to see when they crossed the line, and the earth suffered through their mistakes.

When the harm got out of hand, the humans wanted to escape. They looked desperately for a cure for the disease they gave their planet. They tried to repair the damage, but it was too late. Soon, the earth became a place where life could barely survive.

We, Martians should learn from their mistakes. The humans were selfish and greedy for their desires. They wanted to live in luxury which came from destroying their surroundings. But soon the path of destruction they created circled back to them. Young Martian, don’t be like humans. Respect the gifts your planet gives you.

Good night. Remember to take care of your planet.

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