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Mayuha M

Drama Inspirational


Mayuha M

Drama Inspirational

A Life

A Life

4 mins

"Ammmm" I took a deep breath....

"Hey man, can you get off from there, I am the one who came and sat there first"

" Oooo, is it?"

I know that this is not the perfect way that a ten year old should behave like. But I can't blame him because he is me, my ten year old self.

Problems come in my life and they leave but I have no choice that is what I thought but when I got the opportunity to escape, I had no other choice but to escape.

"Don't you miss any thing from your childhood" He asked 

"What are you speaking of? I am 65 and what should I miss?."

"Don't you miss your good old self?"


I couldn't answer that......

Do I miss anything from my childhood?

This question has no validity because I have even lost myself at some part of my life. 

" I want to try it"


"I want to travel to my childhood"

"Hehe, yes you can, but the time is limited. You can stay there for one day."


" What are you going to do there?"


I was speechless to his last question. What I want to do there?

"Hey grandpa, are you listening? Can't you move even a bit?"

I moved to one side of the bench. He sat beside me playing with his car.

I observed him for some time. He played with the toy. How can someone play with a simple toy for so long?

If I was in his place I would have just kept it away after looking the model for few minutes.

I can't even understand myself?What is in his mind? Don't he care playing alone? Don't he want to go home?

   Nothing bothers him? Won't his parents get worried? Don't he need to study? Don't he need a job in the future?  

      Many thoughts filled my head. "Hey what are you looking at? You have been staring at me a lot. Do you need this car, you can take it, if you want."

         " No ,no, you can continue playing". He seems innocent if not how can he just give his toy to a total stranger. " Where are your friends?" I asked. "They are playing at his house"

"Whose house?"


"Then why didn't you?"

"Because I don't have that game with me"

"Just ask your parents to buy one, they would give you one I am sure" ( yes they would and I know that well because they are my parents too)

" They won't buy that for me "

" Why"

"Because my mom is bed ridden and father says he doesn't have enough money to buy one"

" Is it?"

Why didn't I remember it earlier, I now remember when my mother got sick for a year and our house was going throug a financial crisis....

"Don't you have any friends?"

"Of course I do" I replied scratching my head. 

I don't know how to say it but I don't have any. Most of the people kept me away after that incident.... So I don't have any.

"I am leaving home, my father would be waiting for me. Do you know something my father is my favourite person in this world. He even brought me this car. He would be angry if I am late. Bye grandpa"

"Byee" I waved back. I was speechless. Not knowing what to do.

" Can we leave" he asked keeping his hands on my shoulders.

"Yes, may be we should"

"What do you think?"

"What do I think? I don't even believe it is me. How come one change so drastically? He played with the car about an hour, how? May be his imaginations. I lost it a long time ago so for me it is just a toy now.

   When my imagination died I lost my path, nothing seemed nice in my life may be that is why I tried to seek drugs for relief.

   Tried to stay cool amoung my friends but it failed. I felt as if I was nothing if I lost them. But did you see my younger self chilling alone?

   Did you see how cool he was when he said about his father?

   Will he ever know that he was send for life prison and sentenced to death because he killed his father?........

   What changed me?

   From a innocent kid to a killer?........."

"May be that is life" the grim reaper replied.

"Yay, you are right. May be I can be a nice person in my next life"

"May be" he replied with a grin.....


(Don't worry readers, he was a nice boy in his next life and I know it because I am the grim reaper 😈)


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