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A Happy U-Niverse!

A Happy U-Niverse!

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I believe that as human beings we all constantly exchange energies with people around. The kind of energy we inhale and especially exhale in this Universe affects not only us but every individual surviving on this planet. 
Every time I put a news channel or read a Newspaper, I come across endless miseries being talked about and spread around in the form of NEWS related to accidents, rape, death, riots, robberies, sexual/physical abuse and so on. This negative energy further gets doubled by people who become obsessed with feeding their 'fears' by hearing, memorizing and sharing the unpleasant incidents taking place in this World. They not only bury themselves in this dismay but also drag other people in the ever-growing pit of Fear. While everyone unconsciously starts drowning in this negative abyss, very few humans take charge of balancing this negative energy with the positive one. Becoming obsessed with the unpleasant news by ranting, complaining and wondering 'where the World is going!' is just a way of increasing the misery around. I believe that instead of brooding over this negative energy which is 99% of the time not in our hands, it is sensible to focus on things that are in our control. 
When I noticed this fearful energy being spread around like a wild fire, this is what I began to practice - I began to ask myself a question everyday (especially on the days when I heard unpleasant news) "What is it that I am contributing in this Universe today that can make this World a better place to live in?" It could be as simple as making a stranger smile and spreading love & care in whatever form possible. Earlier when I used to look at beggars or the needy and couldn't offer them any help, I used to feel disheartened and grieve over injustice in this World. Now, after practicing the 'exchange of positive energy' phenomena, each time I encounter them, I smile at them and pray in my heart for their well-being and happiness. The feeling of misery I used to feel earlier automatically got transformed into the feeling of gratitude and universal well-being. This is how I managed to shift my focus from increasing negative energy and fear to creating and expanding the positive energy in this Universe. I promised myself to fill this Universe with something positive every single day. 
If you are really worried about the World becoming a difficult and unsafe place to dwell, ask yourself "what can you do to make this Universe a happy and a safe place?" 
'U' are capable of exhaling the positive energy and making a positive difference in the lives of many fellow human beings. All you've got to do is 'Begin' to fill this planet with positive energy that is inhabited within. The energy that you exhale is the same energy that you will inhale - If you exhale misery, you will inhale misery and if you exhale joyfulness, you will inhale happiness :)

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