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A Father's day message

A Father's day message

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A Father's day message

There are good men out there, I even wrote a blog about this topic last week. Even with all of my dating horror stories, I know there are still some great men out there and some amazing fathers.

I was blessed enough to have 3 wonderful men in my life while I was growing up. My dad, my step dad and an incredible family friend named Sam aka Big Daddy. These 3 men were the best men I've ever met, they are what real men should be. The men today need to take lessons from these men.

My real dad paid 100.00 a week child support for me, back then it was like paying 1000.00 today. He paid for my braces, my camp, my school clothes, summer clothes, dance lessons and whatever else my mom needed for me. He showed up every Sunday, coming from 2 hours away, even though snow storms. He was there every Christmas morning, every birthday, every school event, every recital. Him and my mom put away their differences with each other to put me first. I never heard either one of them say a bad word about the other.

My step dad taught me to fish, to fix things, to ride a bike, he helped me with my homework, he woke up in the middle of the night to rub my legs when I had growing pains.

He never treated me as a step daughter, to him I was his daughter that he shared with my dad.

Then I was blessed to have Sam, my big daddy as we called him. He was in my life as long as I can remember. He was always there to talk to, to make me laugh, he taught me to shoot pool, to read people, to believe anything was possible.

These were men of God, men of honor, men with huge hearts that weren't afraid to show love.

So it's not like I don't know what a good man looks like. I also have some great male friends in my life. Single dads, back when single dad's didn't have that name. I know hard working men, willing to help when you're in a bind, I know kind and caring men who are wonderful father's, who I am proud to call friends.

There are good men out here holding it down on their own, who pay child support and are there for their kids. It just seems we only hear about the deadbeat dads, the ones who run out, who don't care about their responsibilities. Maybe because unfortunately there are more of them than the good ones. 

We must always uplift the good ones not just because yesterday was Father's day but all the time. These men are rare commodities anymore and we need more of them to teach our sons how to be a good man, to show them what a role model looks like.

So today my friends, remember there are good men out there, there are great father's that we should applaud on a daily basis. There are men that stand up for their children, that do the right thing even if they aren't biological. They are the role models that we look up to, to let us know that yes, there are great men out there. So thank you...for being the great men that you are.

And to my 3 wonderful men who are in heaven, I miss you more than words can say. Thank you for always being there and showing me love and teaching me what real men look like.

Happy father's day to all the amazing father's out there! We are proud of you!

"Be the change you want to see"


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