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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Jeiel_ writes

Drama Tragedy Crime


Jeiel_ writes

Drama Tragedy Crime

A Baddie In Disguise

A Baddie In Disguise

2 mins 253 2 mins 253


I know already that everything doesn't seem to be what they look like!

An handsome young man with an innocent face, seem nicely trained, from a highly respected homeoking personality.

But what about me?

I mean, what do they think about me!

A whore

A sex toy

A prostitute

All of that...

And why do they think that way?

Just because I'm a girl!


I was raped by this same good-looking young man who seem like "what" he's not!

I bled almost till death.

I cried, cried and cried.

Tears were the only consolation at that moment.


And Shattered!

I saw nothing left but deceit and betrayal.

I almost gave up. I had wanted to kill myself...

But then! 

I thought about it and decided that I wouldn't let the sad side of life overwhelm me and so, I stood up on my feet and with an encouraging smile, I said to myself "I'm a girl" "I'm powerful" "I'm not a whore neither a prostitute" 

I believed in these words of mine that I never thought of my hiding from my fears any longer but facing them.

And I did.

But this crazy world couldn't let me overcome! no justice, no wins...

They all pointed fingers at me and told me how horrible I am.

They never pointed to my good side, I only thought of the ill-fated words used against me and let my hopes down.

Now, I can't even face anyone.

He got what he wanted "Satisfaction" and I got mine too "Trauma."

I can't think straight anymore..

Now, I love the ill words in my brain more than myself.

He's there and I am here.

Trying to stop all of these...


Oh, World!

Tell me, what can I do????

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