Undiscovered Flower



Undiscovered Flower




3 mins

Screams echoed throughout the hallway which was normal for me by now. Ever since I was ten everything people thought was crazy seemed normal to me. In fact, I'm in a mental hospital, I know, I know, you're wondering why are you in a mental hospital? What are you being treated for? Are you a psychopath? Are you crazy? but no I'm not crazy or mentally ill. Actually I'm a nurse and I'm here to treat the patients.

I opened the black door with room 52 written in bold red letters and went inside; I looked at the sticker on the bed to see the patients' names. Just to be sure that I was in the right room.

I walked slowly towards the patient with a needle in my hand ready to give Sarah her medication and formed the biggest grin on my face because it was a fun thing for me to see the patient's in extreme pain. I mean I wasn't a bad person, in fact, I had a perfectly good explanation for that. Most of the patients here had caused others pain so why not give them a little Karma. 

I was inches away from sticking the patient with the needle when suddenly... she turned.

The patient looked just like me with strawberry red hair, big round hazel eyes, a small pointy nose, big thick lips, and a round face. Did I have a twin that I didn't know about? I tried to scream but couldn't, I tried to move and I couldn't do that either. It was like my whole body was glued, I felt frightened, paralyzed. I blinked my eyes and the next thing I know is that I was laying on the bed the patient was in and when I looked up I saw me... I mean her... umm me? No no her. Yes, HER standing with the same needle I had in my hand just a few seconds ago.

She walked closer to me with that same enthusiastic grin I had plastered on my face. I felt a cold chill run across my body leaving goosebumps all over. There was nothing I could do. I had no control. I felt helpless, alone, afraid.

"How does it feel to be me?" she said with an evil glint in her eyes.

I shut my eyes tightly, hoping she would go away. I begged and begged to God's above to give me the strength, my voice, or something to escape here and they answered. I was finally able to scream and I screamed and screamed at the top of my lungs. I screamed for MY LIFE.

"Tara, Tara it's only a dream" I felt someone shake me.

I fluttered my eyes open and came face to face with my mom. I felt sweat run down my face and I was breathing heavily. I'm sure fear was written all over my face.

"What were you this time?" my mom asked because she knew I had strange dreams.


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