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sunil saxena



sunil saxena


Your Flaming Hair

Your Flaming Hair

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Your Flaming Hair

Your flaming hair like the sun shining just for you

Your mesmerizing eyes looking at me , 

smelting me with passions just for you

waking my  passion ashvamegh for you to ride on

your luscious lips parting to seduce my love thorn

your intoxicating curvaceous  body smoldering my soul

with lusting passions just for you 

your soft nipples rising like the petals of a delicate flower

in the gentle breeze of the valley of the flowers

your inviting navel softly whispering into my ear 

to ignite my soul only to dream of you in my dream of dreams

to make only you the dream girl of my passions  

to flow in the oceans of your  fantasy of love 

your soft slender smooth hands touching your flaming hair

sending the flames of your ignited love deep inside my heart 

melting my essence from the heat of passions of your flaming hair

wishing me to be your flowing black hair 

to kiss your neck of the goddess of love , Aphrodite

your breast blossoming like daffodils of the valley of the flowers 

sending their fragrance floating in the senses of my soul

swooning my very existence only for yours passions of love 

 your beautiful nose softly holding high the towers of heavens of love 

in the breeze of the valley of the flowers  

your pearl white teeth peeping out from your luscious lips

like the delicious offering of the love of your simmering flaming hair ,

glistening like the dew of the blazing fire of passions of love

 burning the depths of my soul just to be one with you 

in embrace of the loving lusting passions 

like the fusion of your flaming 

golden and black hair flowing like the gentle wave 

in the oceans of  fantasy of   unending dreams of 

the soft gentle kissing touch of your flaming golden   hair 

your  soft delicate ears  like the buds of lotus 

just opening their petals , inviting the morning dew

to kiss them with their moist love of the valley of the flowers

your soft smooth silken  undulating body

serenading me like the gently falling waterfall of your 

enticingly   flowing   glimmering sweet  lusting passions

seducing even the butterflies of the valley of the flowers 

your fascinating glowing cheeks so lovingly inviting

 even the breeze of heavens kneel to kiss you , to love you

to hold you in the seemingly everlasting embrace 

of  lovelusting  passions of the soul of heavens 

your curvaceous intoxicating waist swaying in rhythm 

with the eternal kiss of ashvamegh  of Rangrasiya 

like  the floating essence of elixir of life in valley of the flowers

your smile so soft , so slight , so gentle 

like the dew of your ignited  love on your lips of passions

flowing slowing like the lava of your volcanic loving touch

glistening like the moon on your luscious rosy red lips      

the fragrance of your eternally beautiful luscious   body 

imprisoning my soul , my being , my senses 

in the divine bonds of your golden ,  black , flaming hair 

your flaming hair

your flaming hair

your flaming hair

you are apsara 

you are Aphrodite

you are divine

your flaming hair…..

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