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Samrat Guha



Samrat Guha


Yearning For Redemption

Yearning For Redemption

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Of a soft heart.

Rages like a fire in the still of the night.

Sounds and sights keep coming back.

They self repeat as if on autopilot.

Back in time, back in time.

But the future is of sense.


When shall all be normal?

A day.

A year.

A life.

Even More.

The wait is the longest cuss word.

A flicker of light casts the longest shadow.

I would have known it coming.

Allow another frame this time.

Yes. Again.

So, you know the difference.

Between the present and past.

Nobody lost an unplayed game.

Nobody died in a warming embrace.

Heart to heart.

Miss the beatings.

Sure do.

Lots of tales.

And more bickerings...yeah them too.

Need to pour them all.

On a worthy sky.

Rain's gone, you know.

Long, long ago.

No chance of a word.

Unwarranted silence.

Unsuccessful story.

Redeem the past.

Just once.This time.

Fear engulfs. A dry crackle of despair.

More are the maladies.

Immunity is a fake thing.

Purity is priceless.....saves half the world,

Just they don't know.

This time a savior role.

Need to play.Need to play.

Wouldn't be a tad difficult thing to do.

Naturals don't need rehearsals!

So what say?

One innings of dream-making shall we play?

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