Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win



2 mins

My head knows

Where my heart goes.

Falls apart a time

But again it restarts in rhyme.

No hurts No dirts

All that my mother wants,

Since I was a nerd

Books and maths were my art.

She could not see

What makes me feel free,

A pen in hand

Or a ball to kick into the stand.

Maybe she was aware

How would go my future

With a ball and boots to spare

Or a job in the bank forever.

She knew I am good

She knew that I could

Just I needed a dream

And make my place in the team;

But fear is all that worthy

To make us decide what is needy;

To hold back these legs

To save my fate that bags

I would do nothing but

To see farther by what I heard

With nothing less than I deserve

My half heart learned to serve.

Nine to five that I earn

A day off a week for some fun

A fixed salary in a month

Life of an average with no hunt.

I do ask every day

Would it be the same if I could say

One time for eternity

For this one life whether I was worthy.

I survive my breath

Each of it that I hate

Half of me still dying to leave

For that feel with half sleeve.

I don't know

What would I do

If I have the chance to change

Everything in the past until this range;

Would it be the same?

Was I worthy of such fame?

Or I would have been what she feared for,

Another lost soul in age to survive for.

I would not know the fate

Whether I would love or hate;

Once for a life of that decision I made

Forever Half of me will shred.

Bravery or worthy I believe

I am not a judge just a naive

If or whether that will remain

Half of me will continue to tease my heart again and again.

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