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Mr. Ayan

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Mr. Ayan

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With Due Respect

With Due Respect

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You take the bull by the horns,

To make us a better person, not the object of scorn.

You stand by us helping out the mass.

In the path of our life, thanks to you, deo gratias.

Though sometimes you scold us, but still you do care.

We find our way of living, from the knowledge you share.

You are a boon to us, to us you are light in the darkest night.

This is the voice of all your students, not the poem I recite.

You are the polestar in our life,

You are the one, helping against our deformity to strive.

Sometimes we become pococurante, sometimes we become idle,

But you make it possible, in us a love for knowledge to kindle.

Sometimes we become upset, by the words you spit.

But it can be a boon if the target is hit.

The words you say, the deeds you do for us, is unforgettable.

As we are here, for you it is only possible.

The more I speak, the more is left,

Of all those memories with you, we have kept.

More than twenty-five years, if I am not wrong.

It has been a glorious journey for so long.

All those years, the vases you have flowered,

All the blessings you have showered

Upon us, can never be denied.

You are our deity in a man's hide.

Yet there are many things left to say.

I finish my words wishing you all, a happy teacher's day.

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