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Romance Inspirational



Romance Inspirational

Wise Expression Of Love

Wise Expression Of Love

2 mins 208 2 mins 208

When I was in the womb

I got the ample love of my

Mom who touched her

Abdomen with her soft

Palm full of maternity.

When I came to world out

Of the womb and touched

The ground I felt the warm

Breath of my mom so

Delicate that I stopped

"Kuan kuan" instantly.

When I grow up to a kid

I was fondled daily and well

Fed by my mom so humanly

That I skip happily and play

On merry go round in the

Park incessantly.

When I reached

Adolescence I went to

School with mom and dad

Regularly and got the

Parental cordial love


When I went to college

Marks of juvenility began

To burst out in my psyche

And physique that stunned

My parents apprehensively.

When I was successful

In pursuit of a girl friend my

Young hood sprang up like a

Bullet and stroke her bust

With romantic love lovingly.

But this romantic love was

An innovation for me other

Than that of my Mom that

Was putting my mind in

Much more commotion


My lover was a virgin girl

With full of spirit and agility

That impressed me to give

Her a floral bouquet of roses

Outside the college

Premises lonely.

She, Ms. Liza, a beautiful

Young girl that I felt whole-

Heartedly who only looks

At me with a mild smile and

Squeezing of her lipsticked

Lips gaily.

Once evening she

Approached my Mom to

Acquaint herself to prove

Her sincere inclination

Towards study as well as

Love making frequently.

My Mom out of her

Liberalism allowed both of

Us to move together freely

With good spirit and hearty

Gossip buoyantly.

I at the weekend I got a

Chance often to meet her 

At her home for exchange

Of love in the shape of a

Cordial embrace recklessly.

Virgin Liza proud of being a

Lover for ever presented me

A delicious self made

Sandwich on the eve of

Happy Christmas Day as a

Token of love boastfully.

That day we reciprocated

Mutual love language easily

In various types of

Procedures beckoningly.

When our University career

Were over, we were full grown

human beings In all respects

For being more able to

Reciprocate each other

The languages of Love more


When we, both lovers, were

Attending the New Year's 

Picnic we afford to exchange

Our mutual hot kisses so as

To display the languages of

Physical love accurately.

After being both of us

Employed we got a golden

Chance to accept each other

As the life partners fore ever

On the Church altar

Surrounded by our kith and

Kins approvingly.

Wedding ceremony made

Us a confirmed couple to

Share and pass love languages

To each other physically as

As mentally through out our

Life span by touching,

Embracing, kissing, joint

Sleeping, fondling, feeling,

Mating and coupling etc.

Most sincerely.


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