Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Wilting Bonds

Wilting Bonds

2 mins

He looks stoically across the room

His uncertain gaze resting upon her

She is speaking with someone

Her voice hurried and abrupt

She stops to take a breath

Then she notices him looking at her.

The world is such a small place, dear

Her mother had once said

You never know who you get to meet.

Her world now does feel smaller than it was before

With only her and her two-year-old son...

She sharply turns her face away from him

He sighs and looks down

What can he say more anyway?

He thinks.

He was cheating her

She tells herself.

She was ignoring him

He had told her before.

She was not

She thought he needed some space

Maybe she gave him more than what she expected...

What space?

He never asked for space

He never ignored her

He was always there for her

But now, when he wanted a divorce...

She is blaming it all on him.

She doesn't care who he goes out with

She had always been a good wife and a mother

Honest, obedient...

She is a good mother, yes

But she was never a good wife

She lacked love for him

She is honest and obedient

But she is selfish

She only thinks about her pain

She never tried to understand him.

But we have a son

They now both think in distress.

My son will remain under my custody

She thinks.

He was right over his son too

How can he give up on his own child?

Ending a marriage doesn't mean ending a father-son relationship.

The boy is just two years old

He needs his mother

She decides.

He looks from his lap and casts her a look again

She returns his gaze, suddenly looking very old and tired.

You cheated me, her eyes read.

You left me, his lips murmur.

Tears well up in her eyes

But at least I never cheated you!

His eyes begin to water as well

The tip of his nose becomes red

That is why I think us getting a divorce will be best

I am sorry, he finally mouths

Really hoping that they can part on good terms

No, you are not, she thinks

A monotonous look sets on her face

And she plainly looks the other way.

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