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Wild Imagination

Wild Imagination

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I’ve corrupted my mind

And polluted my heart,

With wild imagination

That hides a million thoughts.

The tears rolling down

My cheeks are the only

Witness to this tragedy

As I sleep every night in


I hear voices and

Whispers revealing things,

Their evil plans to hurt; not heal.

I wake up drenched

In anguish, forsaken and numb.

No one will hardly

Notice the numbness behind

My crooked smile, those

Chapped lips as they blister

With the mortal fear of reason.

I try my best to hide

With darkness as my ally.

My demons swim

Through day and night.

It just gets lonelier when lights disguise.

My bed

I fear and in fear I sleep.

I cry in symphonies when

The night won’t cease.

Spooky yet humble and

Unannounced comes my monster

Whether it’s day or night.

To help I write,

It heals my mind.

My hands

Inked in blue fights

With the black of my mind.

Words are not my weapons or saviors

But my bearers of lustless agony.

Symbols of love giving me hope

That I’ll heal.

The monster mocks

Watching me relish in

Prose and poetry.

He knows he kills my imagination and

Fills me with horror so dark that

I can’t even dream and

I struggle with my words

As the ghost enshrouds

with his lair of shadows;

I’d rather not speak about.

I hurt but in pain, I ignite.

Now I’ve been through this long

And I mock the fear that I hide.

Pity, I’m used to this now.

So let me sink

And drown with my demons

For he knows me so well.

Like a toxic relationship,

We fight as I try to survive

Telling everyone that it’s fine

Or maybe I’m just a

Compulsive liar and I’m

Not alright.

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