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Why Are We Born ?

Why Are We Born ?

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Why are we born on this earth,

Why do we take birth, 

Was it my intention to be born,

Or was it predestined it had to happen,

Whatever I was born, and I am destined,

To be a traveller in this world,

Seeking an answer for life's problems,

Seeking wisdom from the holy texts,

The philosophies of life and death,

The question arises if life was given then why death,

If death is part of life then why live.

Where are we all walking towards,

Destination unknown, Destination known,

An ambigious life seeks answers, 

Why this question of life and death,

Earn all the wealth, squander your health,

Then squander what you have earned,

Unlearn what you have learned,

So the wheel of life turns full circle till, 

It stops at your doorstep to welcome you,

And your journey ends, and the wheels go on turning,

Till it comes to stop at another doorstep.

So journeyman be ji on your way.

Travel to find the answers you seek,

Till the answer you seek will be your destiny.

And when you find an answer, you will know the destiny.

For that is the destiny that awaits you.

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