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Renu Patil



Renu Patil


Who Is To Blame?

Who Is To Blame?

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A peaceful, lovely world

Was struck by a deadly disaster,

Every single life felt the jerk,

Every single soul was dumbstruck.

Like the superheroes from reel life,

The heroes from real life,

Began countering the attack

Keeping their own life at stake.

The doctors, nurses the, the ward boys,

Started working relentlessly,

They believed in saving other people's lives,

Then, saving their own.

The ACPs, constables

Stood under the harsh sun

They believe in protecting the nation

Than protecting themselves.

The NGOs, the social workers

Spent all the time serving the needy

They believed in social service,

Than self-service.

So tell me, oh!

All the rebels humiliate those brave souls,

Tell me, who is to blame?

You! who sit and mock the warriors,

Or They! Who even after insult,

Stand there doing the duties for you.

Tell me now, who is to blame?

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