What Is Home?

What Is Home?

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The places we are confined to – Home

The places we love – Home

The places where we live and (even if we hate it) are forced to call – Home

Part of our identity – Home

The place we spend most of our time, willingly or not – Home


The bloody, corpse littered battlefield

I am a soldier and this is home

The towering, freezing mountains

I am a mountain goat and this is home

Dusty, long, swaying grass. Animals all around, in Africa

I am a lion and this is my home

Golden, scorching sand on an endless dry, desert

I am a camel and this is home

The tropical palm trees, crystal clear water, golden sand of an island

I am a crab and this is home

Colorful fish, dangerous sharks, my friends swaying all around me, part of the coral reef

I am a sea anemone and this is home

Dark, empty space all around, forever

I am a blind man and this is home

Ball bouncing, players cheering

I am a sports player and this is home

Formal black suits, serious, tense faces in the office

I am a businessman, and this is home                                                                    

Canvas, paints in a quiet dark room

I am an artist and this is home

Windy air, puffy clouds, ever stretching sky above and land below.

I am a bird and this is home

Peace, silence, nothingness all around

I am a yogi and this is home          


White light, no other humans, peace in the air.

I am a dead man and this is my new home. Heaven!

All these worlds are my home, and many more

I explore each one for a while and then move on

I am a reader and this is home – Books 

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