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Anand Iyer

Abstract Drama Fantasy


Anand Iyer

Abstract Drama Fantasy

Water To My Head

Water To My Head

1 min 357 1 min 357

So peaceful so calm

Yet so destructive and does harm

The earthly noises muffled

And in blissful peace

Is your mind when you take a peek

What is it you may ask?

Being under the deep blue is what I'm

Talking about

Such rage it poses and such gentleness it shows

One may wonder is it the heavenly bliss I'm in

Or is it the deep waters from which I rose

Your mind and heart unite as one

And put aside the different thoughts.

For the ones on land don't know

The mysteries below

And the whales that bellow

The dark and creepy waters may be deceiving

To the untrained eyes

To the people know every nook and corner

It's a blissful paradise with mermaids and turtles

Words can't show the beauty

And the vastness it shows

From the deepest depths to the shallow pools

Each body has its own shady truths

So go out to the waters by the park

Get lost in its mysteries magical dark

Reach the gates of heaven

And attain bliss and peace

For when

You are underneath the deep blue sea

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