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Ritu Das

Drama Romance


Ritu Das

Drama Romance

Watch the moon together..

Watch the moon together..

2 mins 201 2 mins 201

1. He said,

   "If you want,

    We can watch the moon together".

    And I thought,

             "Sure, but I'd rather watch you

              While you're watching the moon".

2. I love it when he laughs.

    Not the one out of habit or empathy,

    The kind when he explains his-

               Favourite childhood memories 

     Or the best punch lines

     Of the previous night's comedy show.

3. To say I'm lucky to find you

               Is an understatement, 

    You're to me what home is to others.

4.  Everytime he smiles,

                I look away.

     You know how they say,

               Eyes can't lie. 

5.  You look me in the eyes and

                                   Destroy me.


1. Give me a white paper and pen,

    And let me pour out

                Some feelings with them. 

2.  I don't know about death but,

     I'm surely afraid of the days when

                             I don't feel Alive. 

3.  I always thought that

      I want to disappear and get lost.

      But then I realised, 

      All I ever wanted was

                    To be found. 

4.  I walk down the empty corridors 

     Of my school and wonder,

      Who's now living,

      A little you, a little me? 

5.  I've a muse. 

                He has the most beautiful eyes, 

     That have ever met mine. 


1.  I sat down to write poetry,

             And caught myself describing you.

2.  I remember our first meeting-

            Too many nervous laughs 

            And easy blush.

3.  I've never wished for much,

     Just some icecream and

                       Sunsets with you.

4.  Hold me so tight that when you let go,

      My skin can still feel you

      And my clothes still have your perfume

5.  I don't even know 

     When I started being in love with you,

     Just one night, I stared at the moon,

     From my window, thinking of you,

     And I knew, 

                        I'm in love. 



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