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Wake Up Please

Wake Up Please

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My treacherous neighbour,

with a venomous agenda.

Abetting and glorifying

terrorism in every form

filling young, impressionable

minds with lethal poison

promosing them peace,bliss and

external life in paradise

promoting violence and bloodshed

Here sit over so-called humanists

And broad-minded "world citizens"

In the conform of their cosy

Drawing rooms or an air conditioned

studio of a television channel owned

By a multinational corporation,

Ferthering therir own business agenda,

Teaching our people why politics and

Cinema shouldn't be linked or why

"THEIR" cricketers and artists should

welcomed with open arms.

Please wake up. These people, especially

those who call the shots in Bollywood

ever condemned Pakistan? How can

There people be our role models!?

Their movies are in great demand in a

"Certain segment" and they wouldn't

Like to slcken their grip on that


About some of our politicians, the less

Spoken, the better. They issue reutine.

Statements of condolence, but never

even condemn their neighbour.

Has consumerism gripped also

such an extent that we fail to look

beyond cellphones, cafes and

rest aurents, and fragile and short lived

relationship (some of them virtual)?

Have we scant regard for our soldiers

and martyrs? I'm. Sure the community

of writers is pretty sensitive. They

care. So lat's unite and pray for their

families. Their loss is irreparable and


"Jai hind"

Wake up please.

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