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Kshiti Jhala



Kshiti Jhala


Vodka And Lime

Vodka And Lime

2 mins 463 2 mins 463

It was a slow death, I could feel!

Our long walks, our silly talks,

The romance of night,

And the kisses after a fight.

You see,

I was holding the thread too tight, 

And you were holding it too loose,

It was just one of those days for you,

But for me, I knew, it was every day now.

It was longing, I could feel!

For you to come and sit and talk,

To hold me tight, 

And work this outright.

You see,

I was in love with words so much,

That you gifted them to me every day,

It was just another thing you thought you had to do,

But for me, the emptiness was now eating up.

I asked you to stare at the stars for some time,

You said okay, and continued to stare at your phone,

For you, it was too much for me to ask,

For me, I was tired of wearing the 'happy with you' mask.

You see,

I want to relive the firsts of a relationship,

To feel the butterflies in my stomach,

I want to fall in love all over again,

But not with you anymore. 

So if tomorrow you find this chair empty,

And the mugs uncleaned,

Please don't be surprised, 

For its the best thing I could give. 

You see,

I was giving up on love, for the first time,

And it wasn't a big deal you thought,

For you, it was just me upset like every time,

For me, it was over, with vodka and lime.

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