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It burned like the core of an ancient planet,

The centre of a cosmos waiting to be explored,

Unopened it lies in wait of a traveller,

To stumble upon its wealthy hoard..

Concealed by some, paraded by others

Embraced by some, others shroud in hate,

Unopened will gape those chasmic chambers,

Guarded by psychological gates..

And naturally the reader grows curious, as to

The riddles given herewith,

For Unopened are many of these secrets, those

Strange and perplexing myths..

But it's no ancient tomb of which I speak,

Neither cryptic code, nor cipher,

Unopened are merely those beings around us,

Who laugh and dance and sing and play, no secret could get finer..!

They're full of stories, adventures, wisdom

And woe.. a trove of experience waiting to be shared,

Yet Unopened lie their notions and rationale,

If only an ear be opened and a thought spared..

Words more precious than any metal, scars that run as deep as a trench,

Yet Unopened we leave their deeds and ordeals,

Give it a try! It's only curiosity that'll be quenched..

So unlock your minds to the world around you,

Cease an exploration to be broken,

People are vessels of knowledge and tales,

Why leave them Unopened...?

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