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Preethi Suresh

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Preethi Suresh

Inspirational Others

Towards Her Dreams

Towards Her Dreams

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She yearned to fly up in the sky.

With enormous dreams in her eyes and passion in her mind…

She never looked back; she never looked down.

She kept on walking, even on bumpy ground.

She felt shattered and almost abstained midway,

But it was her determination that aided her night and day.

She yearned to share her emotions and feelings

That was making her shaky with crisis dealings.

She strived to articulate in a thousand ways she found,

But felt it is easier to just shut up and lie down.

She never realized those obstacles were making her strong.

She just believed her decision went wrong.

But she proceeded to take her baby steps…

Towards the dreams, she felt.

With passion in her mind and determination in her heart,

She was again willing to create her dream.

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