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Rachana Trivedi



Rachana Trivedi




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Every tomorrow is merely a dream,

Close your eyes and let the darkness blush that pink.

Seems no one has been here in a while,

Your empty heart doesn’t match your social profile.

Jump, cheer, smile or maybe just cry, 

There is nothing heavier then unspoken words. Let them fly.

Shake that thought off, leave that mask behind,

And break the chains made by your own mind.

A million escapes wouldn’t take you to the destination,

Sticking to your own road will carve your future.

Don’t stop at every yelp or a question mark, 

Keep waving at those who are cheering you from the sidebar.

Soak yourself in the shower of love, let those feelings take over your soul.

A tight hug, an old friend, an evening of solitude. Cherish these tiny tangles, have a heart full of gratitude.

Be who you really are, silk or shimmer let the world see your brimming gleam.

Entourage your inner demons with that glinting fierceness of your magical dream.

It's fine to falter but keep that grin on your lips alive.

Whining is never a winner’s way, instead, baffle those silly ingrained anxieties away.

Abolish everything that pulls you back, fuel that fire up and straddle your passion.

God and devil both are ready to ambush, you choose your future...fairy or feeble?

Enter to those forbidden fumes, don that flowery grin instead of that dead morose.

This is the time to leave every trepidation behind my friend,


Every tomorrow is merely a dream, close your eyes, and let the darkness blush that pink. 

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