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Author Devika


For Those At Kargil

For Those At Kargil

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My heart bleeds, my soul cries

Each time up there a soldier dies

Fighting the cold, braving the snow

They trudge ahead, fearlessly.

No one knows if they’ll come back

No one knows how long it’ll be

He had hardly lived life

Before he had to face death

But he was glad that

The promise to the nation he had kept

In another town, another place

The four-year old lights his father’s pyre

He perhaps doesn’t even know that

There’ll be no more ‘Papa’ whom he admired.

The parents watch the news anxiously

And so does his young wife

But their prayers go unanswered

When they hear he has laid down his life.

There are so many more, so many of them

Unsung heroes, these courageous men

I salute you all, who for our tomorrow

Have sacrificed your today, and left us in sorrow

Let all this end, let there be peace

God, will you fulfill this wish of mine, please?

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