Oh Hoi, Oh Hoi!

Oh Hoi, Oh Hoi!

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High up in the mountains, a cry echoes,

A cry not of near, a cry from distant past,

A cry of many generations

Generations lost in the wild, lost to wildness,

Generations that could have been the lambent flame of our future,

Everything stopped, time halted,

The land bore few good fruits, only to be eaten by pests many.

A day will come,

A day filled with vibrant colors,

A day of hope,

A day glowing brightly in it's white cloak

Wiping out fears, pain, anguish,

Turning the hands of clock once again.

A song will fill the earth

Echoes of joy will be heard far and wide.

We will sing, a song of hope......

Oh Hoi, Oh Hoi, goes the chant,

Oh Hoi,Oh Hoi, in the hills,

Oh Hoi, Oh Hoi, with machete and pen,

Oh Hoi, Oh Hoi, folk tales and modern marvels,

Oh Hoi, Oh Hoi, we are the future,

Oh Hoi, Oh Hoi, all in the name of peace.

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