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Mikey Singh

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Mikey Singh

Romance Tragedy Others

Till Death Doesn't Do Us Apart

Till Death Doesn't Do Us Apart

2 mins 15 2 mins 15

A poem for all who've loved someone against social norms and gave up their lives in the battle.

(Written from the POV of the male lover)

From the day I first saw you, speaking in the University...

I realized the girl I was falling for, was the personification of "Complexity"

A seemingly immutable and impenetrable outer shell...

Hiding a soft flower deep within it's core...


To propose my love to you was no less than running the gauntlet!

Yet a reward worthy of a thousand punishments and still more pain....

After years of grovelling, my pleas were finally heard, my effort was not in vain...

Your "Yes" changed my life! 

Kissing your hands turned Azog the Defiler in me into the Legolas the Kind!...

Your endearing love for the lost soul that was your little brother...

Your passion to help those in need, unseen in any other...

Your resonating voice that could even turn the wicked Grendel to charity! 

Your eyes that were a mystery even greater than that of Babylon!    

How I relished every single day, spent with you and your nuances...

How I longed it to last for an eternity, a lifetime treaty!

Yet this blind society could not see nor tolerate this beauty! 

The whoredoms of its mentality were deemed unworthy of such pure love! 

Their demands to be of the same caste and creed!

All constructs of their vile minds and insatiable greed!

Their scorns, their stones, gnawing at our bones! 

Our love was a lamp burning in their filthy sewers!

Yet you chose not to let the love go astray!

Instead you took your own life away...

A sacrifice to keep our love alive...

Forever in the stars, burning eternally at night...

Oh lovers! Do not follow our path!

This was as long as God deemed us to last..

Keep fighting the good fight and continue to love...

Knowing that we'll be watching you from above....

Let your flame continue to burn!

For each other, let your hearts continue to yearn!

Stay alive! Love and love more!

Let your stories be told to generations as a mysterious folklore 

For me? I made a promise to be with her till death did us apart!

But today I defeat death with love! 

This body was just a trailer! After crossing over, our real love story starts!


For Tanya and Mohit Singh Rajput - the life force for all my poems

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