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Mrunmayee Raut

Abstract Drama


Mrunmayee Raut

Abstract Drama

There's Some Reason

There's Some Reason

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There's some reason behind the flowing river,

Maybe something why it has those waves;

Why its waters soothes the soul

Why does it always seem out of control!

There's some reason behind the silent nights,

Maybe there's something in the peace they give;

How beautifully they listen to broken hearts

Never ignoring their pain and gathering all the shattered parts!

There's some reason why rainbow finds its way,

Maybe something how it fights the rain;

For even after tarnishing storms and showers 

The seven colours brighten up the sky for hours!

There's some reason why winter fades away,

Maybe something why spring is so much loved;

Why are there so many questions in those shed leaves

Eagerly seeking answers for relief!

There's some reason why moon and stars go together,

Maybe something is behind their perfect bond;

For we've never those bright stars adorning the sun

No matter if it's a hazy or a cloudy day, always ready for one-on-one!

There's some reason why life exists here,

Maybe something why we promise to love beyond eternity;

For there is surely so much behind all we feel

The moment we fear death or pray and kneel!

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