The Search

The Search

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Amidst the maze

Below the sky

In the clutches of her question

Lay a girl, all lost

Her eyes were in tears

And heart in pain

She was fragile

Her feet lost pace

The answers she was searching

Were nowhere to be found

No trace of them

Made her whine

With all that she had

She’d commenced with the search

The search that might have

Had altered her world

Her peace, her soul

Her heart, her mind

Were all entwined

The roots of the questions

Had a firm grip on her

To slacken the grip

The answers were must

She walked and walked

Interrogated every shrub

Alas! It yielded no result

Not a single bug was ready to answer

It seemed they all had something

Pending against her

The rivers, the vales

The trees, the maze

All were quite like the winter sky

Her sobs and heartbeats

Were the only sounds that prevailed

When she was ‘bout to bid goodbye

She saw a light shining so bright

With all her might

She started again

And reached the spot

Where the light once shone

There stood a tree

Tall and firm

Engraved upon its bark

Was just a single word

She wiped her tears

And spelled the word


Inspiration came

She thought to herself

“Be strong and bold

And wait with a smile

For no question in the world

Goes ignored”

Enlightened and stronger than before

She left with a smile

The search has indeed

Changed her world

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