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The Perfect Woman

The Perfect Woman

2 mins

Do not shout!

Don’t speak out loud.

Fix your eyes to the ground.

Your voice shouldn’t be found.

You ought to be pretty,

Fair and fragile.

You shouldn’t talk back,

Fight or be wild.

You are the weaker ones!

How dare you question?

Shut up! And mind your business.

You have got to dress up and impress.

Is that what a woman is?

The society says- yes!

But I call that a china doll.

One, that can be broken to pieces

Why should we care whom to impress?

How can we let anyone suppress?

Why are we the ones to listen?

We can’t we answer back?

They say we are fragile,

But, we are fighters.

We can be cruel, we can be vile.

Why should we be the age-old princess?

They say we should be silent,

But, I say shout out!

They said we should be covered up.

But, we should wear what gives us comfort.

They ask us to cake our face with make- up.

Why? So, they can’t see imperfections

But tell me who’s perfect?

No one ‘coz we are god’s creations.

They say women don’t have brains.

Their opinions don’t matter.

But we’ve got the best brains...

And our opinions are always better.

We are portrayed as weak,

Is being weak perfect?

I don’t think we should be weak!

Our personality should create a long-lasting effect

Slim waist, long legs, big eyes,

Perfect complexion and thin thighs.

Oh, the list goes on and on…

But these things bring us down.

We ought to be strong.

We ought to stand up to every wrong.

We are born fighters and we’ll fight.

Because this is the perfect woman, who is always right!

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