Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

The Night In The Balcony

The Night In The Balcony

2 mins

I climbed the stairs

Stood in the balcony

Saw the street below

The sun had long gone

And the heat with it

A cool breeze blew

The sky stared faithfully

At the world it had stared so long

And I could hear a beautiful song


Seemed to be singing in harmony

The only street lamp stood in front of me

Like a warrior

The hero of my story

"Courage", it said

"Courage is all it takes

To take that one step

And stand for yourself

When things are hard

And the dark night

Is ready to engulf your light"

I looked above at the night sky

It seemed to me

Like a friend in disguise

"Failures", it seemed to say

"Failures may be hard to face

They may break you up

And shatter you down

Into a million pieces

But that means

You can sculpt yourself

Time and time again

To be more precise and beautiful

Failures give you the space to improve

And make success prettier

Just like the sun is all good

But the stars can't shine

Until night has befallen

The dark night can only showcase

The charm of the starry sky"

And then the moonlight

Caught me by it's brilliance

Here was the Godmother of my story

I could read something

On the leaves of the plant

Nearest to me

As it fell softly on all the plants

In the balcony

"Be the moon", the words read

"Be the person

Who wakes up each day

To learn and to grow

But also imparts everything

To those in need and helps them

Reach their own heights

Be the reflector who can take

But can also give

Like the moon

Which reflects the light from the sun

Be someone whose presence

Others can feel

After the new moon day"

And then I heard a song

A real one this time

I knew I was not imagining

'Cause I had never heard that song before

I saw the 'shy girl' next door

Sitting by the window

She held a guitar

Her lips moved gently

As she sung the song

And she sat there

Staring at the sky

The 'quiet' girl's quiet moment-

I thought

But now I knew

She was much more than that

Her music was her talk

As she stared at the sky

The window stared at me

The detective of my story

"Transparency', it said

"Sometimes you have to open up your heart

To show what you've got

And often you have to look out

For what other's have got"

And then a gush of air

Brought me out of her world

And into mine

As it made my short hair

Tickle my cheeks

And it showed me the beauty

Of ...well, everything

The street lamp, the song

The starry sky

And the wakeful night

And made me want to dance

The miracle of my story-

I thought

"Not a miracle", it said

"You don't need a miracle

Just a gush of air

And wakeful senses

To make you want to dance

In the moonlight

Under the starry sky

Like no one's around"

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