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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Mission

The Mission

2 mins 310 2 mins 310

I was alone 

Without a phone

Lost and weary

I could see hazy

Dancing was a daisy

Not any other soul

My goal?

To make a prophecy true

To defeat monsters

The destroyers

I was lost

I didn't even have a toast

I don't want to boast

But I was right

It was nearly night

I could not see a light

My spectacles lost

The surroundings glinted with frost

I was helpless

I was lost

And alone

Without a phone.

Soon appeared a portal,

To me, a mere mortal,

And in I went in a whirling wind,

And reached a place horrid.

I could feel the heat of hatred like lava below my footsteps,

I could feel the coldness of jealousy around,

I could feel evil trying to surround,

I felt the breeze as cold as ice,

The water was like liquified petroleum gas,

As spicy as chilli,

The surroundings were dry as drought,

And at the same moment as wet as rain,

I felt the power trying to suck me up,

Into this land where evil stayed,

I felt sorrow, anger and misery,

But I let the nostalgic happy memories in,

Even though I was famished,

I knew my blood was made to save,

My body to fight,

And my brain to work,

I knew with my reflexes so quick,

And my brain so witty,

I would continue,

I would accomplish my mission,

To kill the evil.


My head was raised high in the air

My hands were clenched into fists

As my legs stomped through this land where evil lie

The land was full of shards of glass

All the spirits stared at me

I looked ahead

Ignoring them 

Clutching my only sword 

Its blue hilt glinted

Its blade displayed my weary eyes

I found a cavern

The cavern of the dead

Ahead was the cavern of the evil

I slung upon my bow and quiver

And marched in the cavern of dead

I raised my sword 

As death tried controlling me

I chopped off his head 

And freed the good dead

I stalked into the cavern of the evil

I don't remember the details exact

But I shot arrows 

pierced my sword

into the evil

this is how my mission ends

I reached my home

beaming with pride

as everyone chanted my name

my mission was over

"YAY!" I yelled

I am triumphant!

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