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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Mice'En Scene Of My Life

The Mice'En Scene Of My Life

2 mins 307 2 mins 307

Sitting back one day

I was thinking about something I will say...

My life had turned into a roadside play

Ironically I was having hay.

The stage was as broken as my emotions

The spotlights were destroyed by meteoric collisions

Of problems troubles and dejections

The audience were those people

Who had everything from staple

To luxury, which was obtained by luck or either by forgery

They told me, Hey Boy

Thou should forget that battle of Troy

Which stole from you everything

From happiness to confidence

From sadness to that jovial madness.

Forget that and move on

Don't be a moron.

I stood in the middle of that stage

And had a gaze at them

While I was shivering and

My feet were finding it difficult o stem.

They didn't have alcohol

They didn't have rum

It's just that the tree of my life

Has getting rid of me like a plum

Which falls from a cart

When it passes over the hump

And hits the floor with a nastiest thump.

My eyes were fogged with the steam of tears

For I had spent twenty-something years on a goal

Which had now left the deepest hole

That you can ever imagine

I wanted to say to those million heads.   


You can have your suggestions,

It is easy to say,

Forget, forgive and move on,

Keep your breath and hold on

Your life will change

That's for sure

God will give you the necessary cure...

But does it really happen

Or is it just another weapon

In the hands of millions of head

That is just ready to turn you in a dead

I fell on my knees

Soon I started to weep

That loud shriek was about to sweep, all the limelight

To watch it was a delight

But to undergo that was a horrible plight

I could see the eyes full of disgust

With my Brutus's looking at me with distrust,

I questioned myself what was my mistake,

Why I could not have my desired piece of cake

Was it the lack of hard work Or dedication,

On the part of the saint that was sitting with full concentration

Or was it just the game of destiny

That was nothing more than a mockery

I looked up and into the sky

I saw some snowflakes which were falling dry

With this, the curtain fell and I had a hope

That everything will get well.

This was the mice' en scene of the chapter of my life,

That will haunt me even in my afterlife.

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