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Reetika Saini



Reetika Saini


The Last Tree

The Last Tree

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One day a threatening night,

I heard a painful voice.

I realized there is someone hurt,

But why atmosphere is so injured?

“A huge figure seemed darkly

That was a dusky large Tree”

It was crying badly,

Its pain appeared clearly.

I asked about its sorrow,

Why you are going to overblow

He gave me the answer painfully,

“I am the Last Tree”

I was extremely shocked!

What was his sense of ‘last’ ?

If it’s really his last point,

How will we survive.

I asked him awfully,

“Are you really a last tree?”

Can’t you see my situation” he thundered,

You all are blind materialistic person.

You never understood the importance of nature,

now you watch it’s dangerous features,

think how many wounds you gave me,

Yes! I am the hurt Last Tree.

What was not I do for you,

my verdure attracted you it’s true.

Still you Bruce me after all,

Is it necessary to cut me fall?

Once I was the part of this greenery,

“Now I am the faded Last Tree”

Your materialistic desire is so intense,

that you cut my soft branches.

For the purpose of technology goods,

You have destroyed the woods.

Now think can you survive without me,

Because I am “The Last Tree”

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