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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


The Good Things

The Good Things

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How often we have heard good things happen when you least expect them to happen.

But instead of believing in it, we start doubting ourselves

Just because life has thrown some hurdles in our life and showing us some bad days.

It doesn't mean they are there to stay long.

They are just there to introduce us to our purpose in life.

And when we look at them as the purpose of life instead of just challenges or hurdles.

Our perspective towards them change.

And that changed perspective helps us to find our way out.

Good things don't mean there would be no problem in life

But it means even amid the problems you won't lose your peace of mind.

And that is the biggest weapon to face anything that life throws at you.

This weapon won't come so easily to you instead you need to earn it,

And that requires a lot of self -believe on this path to reach your destination.

Don't wait for good things to happen to you,

Instead, try to find good in everything and everyone around you.

Focus your energy more on love than judging people

Stop blaming others for your failure instead use your failure as a stepping stone to reach success.

Good things do take time, not because they are not meant to happen to you

But, because bringing a drastic change in your thought process

Is definitely not a day's job, instead, it's a path you need to walk on continuously 

To eventually find your destination.

So keep walking on that path and, you'll see good is all around you only.

It was just your perspective that was refraining you from experiencing it 

The day you'll realise what it takes to experience all good things in your life

You'll stop waiting for the good thing to happen

Instead shall find your happiness in everything and everyone around you.

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