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Laura K.

Drama Horror


Laura K.

Drama Horror

The Fears Inside

The Fears Inside

4 mins 163 4 mins 163

Fear: an unexplained emotion caused by exposure to danger, the expectation of pain

In the dungeon,

Where I lay,

The sound of life,

So far away.

Drowning deeply in my sleep,

No one there to save me,

With their zombie bodies, they appear,

Here is a thing that we all fear

Crawling, creeping over me,

I feel them while I’m fast asleep,

In my nightmares, I feel the spider bite,

While they try to kill me in the dark of night.

They crawl on my body and I feel their creepy fur,

This is the fear of the spider.

In my head, so many voices call,

I can’t escape this deadly fall,

Feeling things that aren’t really true,

Yet so happy to have found you.

Seeing and feeling things that aren’t really here,

This is insanity, a deadly fear

So I sit in this shadow during the night,

Only darkness overcomes me, abandoned by the light,

All by myself, there’s no one there,

No one to listen, no one to care.

Lost in my loneliness and what has been,

This is the fear of being forgotten.

So much pollution all around,

Might as well live underground,

The air we breathe, not clean enough

Oxygen mixed with chemicals - such horrible stuff,

To breathe in is something I can not bear,

This is how it feels when you’re afraid of air.

In the shadows, they do creep,

Only revealing themselves when I sleep,

Eyes glowing red, there in the shadow,

I pull up the covers and keep myself low,

Maybe they won’t find me if I keep clear,

This is how the shadows cast their fear.

In my dream, I was flying,

In the blink of an eye, it turned to dying,

I can’t escape it, I start to scream,

This is the fear, the fear of a dream.

He calls me stupid, she calls me dumb,

As soon as they're done, I go numb.

I just can’t deal with what’s been said,

They make me wish that I was dead.

I hate it when I get called a name,

The fear of name-calling makes nothing the same.

I knock on the coffin,

“Please, let me out,”

There’s no one to help me,

No one is walking about.

I’m suffocating here in this lack of space,

No one here above this place.

I’m locked inside, no one to hear my cries,

This is the fear of being buried alive.

Lying here, cold, lifeless, forever,

No more memories to make, never ever,

I am drained, I’m lying here motionless,

Left for the people I love to clean up this mess,

No more “I love yous,” 

Not one word can be said,

This is the fear of being dead.

Alone forever I shall be,

No one there to love me.

There’s no one to care for,

I’ll grow old alone,

When I die, 

Nothing left but an empty home.

No matter if this is for the best,

This is the fear of loneliness.

Too much water comes pouring in,

I no longer remember how to swim,

Now too much water has been consumed,

My heart has stopped, replaced with doom,

No more smiling, no more frowning,

This is the fear, the fear of drowning.

You’re lying broken,

They can’t ever understand,

Your friends may try to,

But they never can,

They've broken your world and left you alone,

But they took everything with them,

Nothing left to call your own.

Left with only pain and heartache,

This is the fear of love and heart break.

Locked up, tied up, starved and left to die,

Leaving my loved ones without saying goodbye.

Tied up at a camp in a dark kind of room,

The only feeling you can feel, is the feeling of doom,

They come in and insult me,

And they won’t let me go,

The fear of being tied up or kidnapped is feared more than you know.

In this castle where I am locked in,

No light, no candles, just the gloom, it’s all dim,

I am left alone to rot away,

Without the comfort of the sun during the day,

Here I am left lonely and in this nothingness,

This is the fear of the darkness.

In my memories things that haunt me so,

Things I learn to forget, things I don’t want to know,

Yet, I’m stuck with memories day after day,

What did I do, why do I have to pay?

Not even in dreams I'm allowed to feel peace,

This is the fear of your own memories.

Here I lay awake in a hospital bed,

I’m feeling numb, I’m feeling mostly dead,

This cancer eating away at me inside,

Nothing to feel, no protection, nowhere to hide,

Only here, rotting, 

“Save me, please,”

This is the fear of having a disease.

All these shadows fill the walls at night when I sleep,

Things are falling, but nothing else is in the room, except me, 

Then I hear this scary laugh,

Can’t get to sleep,

Can’t put it in the past.

This is the thing some people fear the most,

This is the fear, the fear of ghosts.

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