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Anand Kumar Tripathi



Anand Kumar Tripathi


The Fall Of Kabul!

The Fall Of Kabul!

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Afghanistan, where God

Only comes to weep

Swords, guns, and million cuts

Wounds, bloody,

O! So deep.

Once called the land of,

a thousand splendid suns,

Kabul falls to dirt, today

Millions kneeling before a thousand guns.

Where sages once dreamt of,

Wonder and sang Vedas of old.

All songs are lost in crossfire,

Which once was a lively Samarkand road.

Bloody streets are laid with,

Corpses of Khalid's kite runners,

For a short walk in Hindukush,

One will run into Taliban gunners.

Kushans, Hephthalites, Samarinda & Saffarids,

Ahura Mazda burnt the first fire here.

The majestic land of Bamiyan's Buddhas

Its history lies in tatters, everywhere.

Swallows of Kabul, sing no more

Earth shakes and the mountains echoed.

Innocent girls snatched from their mothers,

Lives fell as cannons bellowed.

"Unconquerable" Afghanistan of the past.

In present fell to their knees.

When fanatics point guns at you,

Liberty and freedom come to cease.

The fall of Kabul is a human shame,

But it's an important lesson indeed.

Come together and hold your ground.

Not every day big cities bleed.

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