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Vedant Sehgal



Vedant Sehgal


The Exquisite Darkness

The Exquisite Darkness

1 min

Down the sun went when the hour arrived

Across the horizon; sprinkling cries

Triggered waves on the bed beneath 

Till the surface scattered the moonlight

A million little stars did shine

Twinkling conversations, seemingly clandestine 

With a large sphere in between, all white

Complementing the resplendent design

Gases disembodied with each star's fall

Wishes rested upon the shoulders of the ball

Saw the most alluring scene before melting 

A little hopeful smile on the face of a doll

Explosives inherited the space above

Vivid nebulas reproduced assorted curves

And filled the voids with divine hues

Till the black hole got on their nerves

Galaxies narrated the entangled stories

Of sparkling formations and lethal theories

Each glistening dot connected to the other

And the constellations announced their glory

In the middle, the moon brightened

The stars dazzled, the sky enlightened 

The fields and the waters rejuvenated 

Whilst the graveyard guard got frightened

My eyes turned weary and the night got colder 

I got off the roof and glanced beside my shoulder

The night sky had a charm of its own

And I, perhaps, got the eyes of the beholder

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