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The Dead Of Winter

The Dead Of Winter

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In cold, snowy weather 

She disappeared into the woods

Wearing a grey Jersey and 

A pair of blue jeans. The rooftop 

Of the river was icy and 

The streets were deserted. 

Only the search party out there, 

Where was Nicole, everyone asked themselves, an old grumpy man 

Hollered she could be dead goddamn. 

A woman wearing a hoodie yelled 

Stop saying that and kept crying...

Let us be positive, said the detective. 

Please let us keep scrambling, 

A man screamed at the back,

We trudged further to the peak 

Of the woods near the waterfall.

Close to a dead fallen tree was 

A lace wrapped with clothes, 

Covered with sticks and twigs. 

The clothes are still fresh, guys 

Don't tamper the evidence, please.

Unwrapped the lace, found a pink shirt 

Wrapped with blue Jeans colored 

With bloodstains, her was mother filled 

With pains, who could do such a thing? 

What did my daughter do?

Probably she was playing with colors.

Then where is she? And why are her 

Clothes wrapped like this? Maybe 

She's swimming in the pond on the 

Otherside of the valley, uttered the boyfriend. 

Oh, no, a man few feet from us, 

Screamin' here, here, here,

A pool of blood, shredded tape 

And a long butcher knife. 

Listen up, people, I think 

We have a homicide so open your eyes.

We pass a pond with a 

Soaked glove, washing evidence. 

I think the man is a genius, said the boyfriend. 

Oh, indeed he is by doing this!

We tread nearly at the outskirts 

Of the forest and is getting darker.

Who knows the killer might be here. 

People start to lose faith and thinking 

About stopping the search. 

We can't stop the search as you 

Uttered the killer might be out there. 

One officer with a sniffing dog 

Walking by trample on top of a box,

People start digging using wood. 

It is a casket, open it, we don't have 

A key, move, pulled a gun, bang, opened it.

His first impression was like trying 

To throttle eyes out and he puked. 

Everybody peered, it was like 

Peeling their eyes, she was 

Naked, her head was slaughtered 

And turned facing down, her eyes 

Were poked inside until they squashed 

like a crashed egg, her upper torso 

Brutally stabbed multiple times. 

You could see the other side 

Through her body, her legs tied 

In chains like a dog. We live with 

Cruel and heartless people.

What kind of a beast would do this?

A few days later cops run questioning 

On everyone but the mother's boyfriend 

Stormed out of the city is what cops 

Can't fathom. At this crucial time. 

Now that the mother needs consoling?

What could be his motive?

Is he the cold-blooded killer?

Weeks later they received a call 

from an inebriate in a local bar 

Hollering I think I got information

Concerning the case of Nicole. 

He was called to the station, 

Offered food and cigarettes. 

After a minute he gave a name 

Of one truck driver, Jack, who 

Had too much to drink and spilled 

The beans. Jack was tracked down 

Then brought to questioning.

He was a giant man with 

Big muscle but behind that 

Was a little baby, he was stubborn 

At first but as they pressed on

He cracked into tears and opened up.

He said the boyfriend paid him 

To get rid of her, as she was a 

A threat to their relationship.

How's that? He said he never got 

A chance to be loved or cared for. 

He was jealous of how they're attached. 

Jealousy attracted hatred and hatred 

Gave birth to murder.

The boyfriend was given 

Life sentence without parole, 

For being the mastermind, 

Jack agreed to testify and was

Sent to fifteen years with 

Possibilities of parole. That 

Is how he knew it was 

A man, uttered the detective. 

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