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shreeya singla



shreeya singla




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Teenage aka adolescence, a beautiful part of life

Teaches us, how in this world we can survive

Many things we experience at this time

Ranging from world’s truthiness to people’s mime

Adolescence brings a lot of emotions into us

And our body becomes a big emotion thesaurus

Sometimes aggression, sometimes happiness, 

sometimes envy and sometimes sadness

Many times, bad thoughts come into our mind

Mom says, the behavior is natural, just kick them off your mind

The moment comes when you start believing in love life

I say it’s just an attraction for someone by your eyes

Many think making BF and GF is a trend

When you grow up you find he or she was just your nice friend

Teenagers bunk schools too

When caught, they say, they were just going to the loo!

They start abusing too

Which is not a very nice thing to do

Teenagers indulge in fashion, 

Which becomes their only passion

Hairstyles, to dresses, to shoes

Trendy accessories they always choose

If you leave all this naughtiness aside

You will see responsibilities by our side

Besides this naughtiness in your life

You also must think about how to make your future bright

So, enjoy your golden age

It would never come back

Remember never to extend your limits 

Or your personality can lack.

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