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Shital Moholkar

Children Inspirational


Shital Moholkar

Children Inspirational



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For your children,

You are the best mother;

But we all know how

You build your nest like a bird- Tailor.

You are the sweetest and,

Responsible daughter;

Who always tried to feel

Proud of your father.

You are the one who shapes,

Your students like a Potter;

And being recognised

As the best teacher.

You are bounded with everyone,

And work as a nice coordinator;

You are the person who is

Always there on your toes as a helper.

You are filled with courage,

Who can stand as a leader;

You have the power of thinking,

Which makes you a decision-maker.

Your nature is like a coconut,

Harder from outer and from in-

It's full of

Sweet feelings as sweet water.

You always walk on,

Your way as a path-maker;

Which shows the right

Path to your followers.

In career sky,

You spark like a star;

Who achieves all the aims

And succeeds in every war.

You are blessed with an eagle eye,

As the goal setter;

And you proved it

Being an award winner.

For us you are such,

A great motivator;

And see, your motivation

Made me a writer.

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