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Amita Khanna



Amita Khanna


Take It Easy

Take It Easy

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Tempers flaring on the road 

Zipping at full speed 

Creating havoc as they go 

Rushing when there’s no need. 

Zigging and zagging 

Between the lanes

This is what Indians do 

But when they drive internationally 

Rules become important too.

Some people boldly confront 

Some only stop and stare 

But all these callous drivers 

Just don’t seem to care.

Killing innocents on the road 

No answer to the question Why 

Thoughtless and insensitive 

Leaving the loved ones alone to cry 

Ending life so easy 

That rested in some womb 

The sorrow of the mother 

As she sits by the tomb.

Haste makes waste 

As rightly said 

Take it nice and slow 

Live to live and let live 

Let false ego and anger go.

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