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All of us have superpowers,

Would you please care to think and ponder? These powers make you feel superior,

But are not illusory to the mind,

These powers make you feel things deeply, That make you sensitive to the human kind.

What are these superpowers you ask?

And how can you get them?

The answer is, they are right within you,

Only if you cared to look deep within.

They have names like kindness, compassion and the likes,

Now you start to scratch you head and think this is a common sight!

How can happiness be a superpower?

How can compassion make you a superhero?

So let me tell you a secret that the fewest know,

Happiness is a superpower as it has the power to fill hearts with hope,

Compassion has the power to make the most grieving heart know,

That there are hands to cry on and hold.

So if these powers are within you,

You have the ability to see to see the darkest days and come through,

With those powers, you can see the storm in the eye,

And tell it that you won't back down

And that you believe in the radiance of the bright skies.

So even if life has its share of challenges for you,

These superpowers will help you to fight them all the way through.

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